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Rules of behavior on the beach

  • Bathers must listen to instructions from the lifeguards and supervisors.
  • Entry to the water is permitted only within the area marked as permitted for swimming.
  • You must swim only in the places permitted, and only within the area determined by the lifeguard.
  • Pay attention to the flag positioned on the lifeguard’s hut:
    • White – Swimming is permitted.
    • Red – The sea is dangerous and swimming is permitted only within the delimited area.
    • Black – Swimming is completely forbidden.
    • Purple – Jellyfish warning.
  • If you don’t know how to swim, please use only the shallow water.
  • While swimming in the sea, you should remain close to other swimmers and maintain eye contact with them. In times of trouble, they can help.
  • Please avoid depth diving in places with which you are not acquainted. You may encounter dangerous objects or currents.
  • Never stage a drowning. The lifeguard will treat all calls for help very seriously.
  • Do not enter the water after eating. Food that has not yet been digested may cause chocking.
  • Drinking alcohol places the swimmer in danger. Do not enter the water if you are inebriated.
  • Do not use surfboards, jet-skis, or boats on a beach declared permitted for swimming.
  • Swimming is permitted during the official operating hours of the beach.
  • Remember, night swimming is prohibited!